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Hibiscus D-Tahiti Double

D-Tahiti Double® line

D-Tahiti Double®: you don’t like simple flower?

Nature is special and the breeding gave us double flowers!

Many petals that show up more and more the natural color created.

A line created for pot from 14 cm till 30 cm and more.

Voluminous and strong plants plants.

D-Tahiti DOUBLE®: double satisfaction!

All the varieties are protected under license and it is not possible to reproduce them without a regular contract.


Flower Size: Approx. 15 cm


  • Rooted cutting 25 mm.
  • 14 cm. pot 2/3 cuttings pinched
  • Pinched 17 cm. pot

Suggested Pot: 14 cm. to 30 cm.

Diem Hibiscus Linea D-Tahiti Double®

Download D-Tahiti® Double line Catalogue