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Hibiscusa D-Tahiti DIEM

D-Tahiti® line

D-Tahiti®: the classic line.

It could be produced in pot size from 14 cm till bigger pot size, 30 cm and more.

Big bushy plants, that produce many flowers, strong and with a lasting open time of 2-3 days.

Our base line, from where everything started, from where our research took life.

All the varieties are protected under license and it is not possible to reproduce them without a regular contract.


Flower Size: 14 cm. to 20 cm.


  • Rooted cutting 25 mm.
  • 14 cm. pot 2/3 cuttings pinched
  • Pinched 17 cm. pot

Suggested Pot: 14 cm. to 30 cm.


Download D-Tahiti® line Catalogue